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Restaurant Pagers, Professional Paging Systems, Hospital Pagers - PagerTec

PagerTec - Professional Wireless Paging Systems & Specializes in Hospital Pagers

Restaurant Pagers, Hospital Pagers, Church Nursery Pagers,  Wireless Paging Systems for different industries.

You can rely on PagerTec's® wireless paging systems to create you a paging experience with a reliable, easy to use, durable and high quality wireless paging systems. Our affordable paging systems are guaranteed to meet and exceed your business expectations. Pagertec’s® Restaurant Pagers and Beepers, Hospital Pagers, and Church Nursery Pagers are some of the most common paging system used but can be extended to many other different industries.


Restaurant Paging Systems

Whether you need a paging system for table service or fast casual environments, PagerTec® Restaurant Pagers provide the tools to help your restaurant paging experience be successful. Simplify your operations, increase efficiency and reduce operational costs by giving your guest a pager while they wait for their tables or by giving your customers a Customer pager while they wait for their meals to be ready. With PagerTecs® your server pagers ensure that food comes out of the kitchen and into customer’s tables hot & right the first time.

Hospital Paging Systems

PagerTec’s®  Hospital Pagers are used in different departments like emergency rooms, admissions, pharmacies to page waiting patients and notify them that they are needed. Various Medical and Healthcare facilities have realized that being able to contact their customers quickly can be a part of providing a better customer experience. This is why many Medical buildings rely on our Hospital Paging Systems to quickly page customers where ever they may be. Our staff wireless paging systems improve communication and increase efficiency in the way that staff communicates with each other.

Church Nursery Paging Systems

PagerTec’s® Church Nursery Paging System gives parents peace of mind by knowing they can be immediately be notified if they are needed. Eliminate any service disruptions caused by display boards or workers trying to find parents. Simply hand a parent one of our wireless nursery pagers when they bring their child to the nursery, this way teachers and staff can immediately and silently page parents if they are needed during services or any other activity anytime, anyplace. Help improve the communication between your staff and parents with our church nursery paging system.